Schools Coaching

In addition to the club’s Coaching Programme for members and non-members, Ben and his team have developed an excellent reputation with a range of local primary and secondary schools.

As a leading LTA Accredited+ & Level 5  Coach & Tutor, Ben is at the forefront of the LTAs programmes and initiatives for tennis in schools.

Most recently Campion LTC have worked with Chesterfield High School, Sacred Heart Catholic College & St. Nicholas Primary School amongst others. Over the last 10 years Ben and his team have delivered Fun Tennis Sessions to 1000s of school kids in the area!

If you are looking for extra curricular tennis coaching, term-time coaching or want to give your students opportunities to volunteer and learn more about tennis, Ben and his team are here to help. To discuss your school’s requirements in more detail, please contact Head Coach, Ben Saunders, on 07843 38 43 46 or email